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Whether it's the news, a movie, the radio or a school textbook... it's not difficult to find the influence of apocalyptic dreams. I'm not sure exactly how your dreams of the apocalypse play out, but mine are pulse raising scenarios where the end of human life is only moments away and I find myself alone and separated from my loved ones, my home, everything... I am only given glimpses of scenes with friends and family all alone and no one around to comfort them, while I frantically try to get to them. My dreams are hazy, the details get lost, and are completely void of color. It's not a very enjoyable recurring dream and it was rekindled recently after the news of a comet (the size of the Pacific Ocean) that collided with Jupiter, completely undetected by our sattelite and radar systems. This series will be an ongoing compilation of these visions of terror and will feature myself, my own family and friends.