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c i n e m a s c a p e s
close quarter panoramics.  open ended narratives.

2007    2008    2009    2010

I was raised in city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in one of the poorest city neighborhoods. It has been described as "Appalachia in the city". I've had my back fractured by baseball bats, been beaten up, did way too many drugs before I was 14 and I dropped out of High School in the 10th grade.

Cinemascapes are a visual journal of those times. 3+ years into the series and the old memories are slowly morphing into my current situation of living in a small town in the remote Adirondack Mountains near the Canadian border.

The cinematic style of my work is intentional. We are a society dominated by TV, cinema, youtube, video games, and more. I hope to make my photographs more immediate, leaving no work to get into them. I want anyone to be able look at my photographs and create their own stories and fill in their own blanks, from the kids on the streets I grew up with, to the college professor and everyone else in between.

pictured at left:
darrell, aaron & ray ray

1984 Pittsburgh, PA

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